Women In Development Europe WIDE

a network globalising gender equality and social justice – also in french and spanish

  • Women In Development Europe (WIDE) is a European feminist network of women’s organisations, development NGOs, gender specialists and women’s rights activists.
  • WIDE monitors and influences international economic and development policy and practice from a feminist perspective.
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Address: WIDE, Rue Hobbema 59, 1000 Brussels, Belgium;

Vision, Mission: Women in Development Europe (WIDE) strives for a world based on gender equality and social justice that ensures equal rights for all, as well as equal access to resources and opportunities in all spheres of political, social and economic life.

The vision of WIDE is that the persistently increasing trend of the feminisation of poverty in the South, East and North is halted and women’s human rights are safeguarded globally.

WIDE’s mission is to articulate the relevance of the principles of gender equality and equity to the development process through research, documentation, information dissemination, economic empowerment, capacity building and advocacy, networking, and the organisation of conferences.

Our Strategies:

Women in Development Europe (WIDE) is strengthening strategic alliance building between women’s organisations in the EU, broader Europe and the Global South. We are enhancing women’s capacities and political assertiveness to influence policy changes and initiate alternative economic practices. WIDE is taking advantage of existing spaces/platforms such as World Social Forum (WSF) and European Feminist Forum (EFF) to promote our agenda.

In our advocacy work, we apply an inside­-outside strategy. We are working within the institutions themselves, for example as part of official government delegations to international meetings. At the same time we are working from outside with other women’s organisations and alliances to increase pressure on policy and decision making and to hold governments accountable.

WIDE is based on three pillars: WIDE as network, capacity building and lobbying, advocacy and awareness raising.

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