Assembly of the Poor AOP – Thailand

Linked with our presentations of Dawan Chantarahassadee – Thailand, and of the Klong Dan Local Conservation Group – Thailand.

The Assembly of the Poor AOP is a grassroots people’s movement consisting of seven social networks including the rural poor, farmers, urban poor, workers, indigenous peoples and NGOs. It is widely supported by community organizations, non-governmental organizations, academics and the general public. It collaborates on regional and international levels with networks on issues such as globalization, human rights, women, indigenous peoples, the environment and the protection of biodiversity.

The Women’s Group of the Assembly of the Poor present in every component of the movement, not only performing supportive roles in logistics arrangements, but also taking an active part in coordination and decision making. (See this page of 1000peacewomen).

Some of their actions:

A series of very constructive meetings took place between Lek (Thai Labour Campaign, PGA Asia support group), Pablo (PGA Asia support group) and members of the Assembly of the Poor. All of the meetings discussed below were organized by Lek, through her long-term association with Assembly of the Poor and the Thai Labour movement. (Read the whole article of Dec. 2004 on lists, and also on;

About the Pak Mun Dam struggle: see all these long article on, and on one and two;

about Thailands grassroot leadership training see one and two;
Thailand: Restoring a River and Traditional Ways of Life (Okt. 2004);

UN commends Assembly of Poor struggle;

Land Research Action Network.

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Some of the Women’s Group of the Assembly of the Poor AOP

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