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  • We are a voluntary group rendering the service of connecting NGOs to donor resources in developing countries and we are not affiliated to any of the grantmaking organizations or any of their partners in any manner. We cannot provide funding or grant support to your NGO. To know more about us, visit this link … (full text).

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About: is an online initiative, working for the sustainability of NGOs by increasing their access to donors, resources and skills. 

It uses online technologies to spread knowledge about organizational sustainability, promote creative ideas for long-term generation of institutional funds for development interventions, improve professional efforts in resource mobilization and advocate for increased allocation of donor resources for building the skills and capacities of NGOs.

Due to a number of international factors, NGOs in developing countries are currently facing unique and unexpected challenges not only in terms of limited resources and but also in their inability to creatively respond to the changing needs. This adverse climate is the result of the decades of aid policy practised and imposed by donors that has inadvertently led to a handicapped situation where NGOs are unable to access full-fledged resources anymore and they also have poor skills to respond to the new marketing trends in the development sector. believes in effectuating strategies that are directly relevant to NGOs and contribute to the development of their skills and capacities for ensuring their own sustainability at first place and then upgrade their roles and responsibilities to become professionally-oriented service delivery organizations. Services cannot just be limited to microfinance or microenterprise activities, but can also include tasks like educating communities on human rights, gender and international policies. also believes that no developmental intervention can be sustainable (or “successful”) unless the implementing organization has sustainable resources to work over a longer period of time. Often donors ignore this fact and provide tied and untied resources to NGOs without heeding to their long-term resource challenges. We believe it is very important to address this issue before any donor commits to fund an organization. Additionally, the donors should allocate substantial budget in any developmental intervention for building skills and resources for the implementing NGO so that it can sustain over longer period of time … (full text).

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