Klong Dan Local Conservation Group – Thailand

Linked with our presentation of Dawan Chantarahassadee – Thailand, and of The Assembly of the Poor AOP – Thailand.

Development must not be a process that creates refugees. The ADB creates refugees through physical displacement of peoples as well as alienating them from their communities, livelihoods and culture … (Read the whole long article on nadir.org).

Excerpt: … In the name of development, its projects and programs have destroyed the livelihoods of people, brought about the disintegration of local and indigenous communities, violated ancestral domains, undermined sovereign self-determination, promoted a sharp rise in inequality, deepened poverty, and destabilized the environment.

We, representatives of peoples, indigenous communities, and organizations throughout the region, have had enough of this destruction in the name of development. We have had enough of an arrogant institution that is one of the most non-transparent, undemocratic, and unaccountable organizations in existence … (Read the whole on International Rivers Network).

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