African Development Forum ADF

  • In an attempt to encourage Britain’s African and Caribbean Christian community to become more actively involved in the issue of poverty in Africa, African and Caribbean Church leaders joined together and formed the African Development Forum.
  • The African Development Forum (ADF) was founded in 2006 and its team implemented in 2007. ADF’s motto simply states ‘We believe in Africa’.  The vision is to mobilise the African and Caribbean Christian community and wider Diaspora to confront and respond to poverty by challenging unjust structural systems which keep millions of Africans poor.  ADF seeks to contribute to economic and social progress in Africa through education and advocacy activities. (Homepage /our Vision).

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Focus Areas: Economic Justice – Working with and through our partners, ADF will engage with the global movement calling for rich country governments and institutions to implement pro-poor and pro-development trade policies.

This includes international trade rules and trade agreements; an end to damaging liberalisation conditions attached to loans and debt relief

Climate Change – Work with our partners to develop accessible theological resources on ‘creation care’ to enable learning on global warming and its disproportionate effects on the continent of Africa.  This will include raising awareness about the way in which northern governments and businesses react and respond

HIV/AIDS – Work with our partners to increase understanding of HIV/AIDS by developing a theological framework in which to respond to stigma and discrimination. In addition support the campaign to make life saving treatments available to African countries.

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