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Linked with Christine Ntahe – Burundi.

PEACE X PEACE (pronounced “peace by peace”) – connecting women for peace – empowers women as the most effective means to enrich lives locally and promote peace globally. We connect women’s groups (“Circles”) in the United States with women’s Circles everywhere in the world—directly via the Internet—for the exchange of information and personal experiences that typically result in mutually supportive actions.

MISSION: PEACE X PEACE is an international movement that empowers women to help build sustainable peace locally and globally through online communication, the exchange of ideas and mutually supportive actions. Founded upon the belief that achieving sustainable peace requires women to come into their full potential as leaders alongside men, it is dedicated to creating a world where women are powerful and effective decision-makers in building peace for all. A central initiative designed to achieve the mission of building peace is the PEACE X PEACE Global Network. Via the Internet, the Global Network connects and empowers groups of women (or “circles”) in the U.S. in one-on-one, supported communication with women’s circles outside the U.S. and thereby fosters understanding and constructive actions that help create peace. Today, more than 250 women’s Circles from 37 nations are actively involved with the PEACE X PEACE Global Network.

VISION: PEACE X PEACE is dedicated to creating a world where women are no longer those most tragically affected by conflict and strife, but are the core power building substantive, sustainable peace for all.

CONTACT: Carol Fleming, PEACE X PEACE, e-mail


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