AGHS Legal Aid Cell

Linked with Alarmed at rising violence in Sri Lanka, and with Hina Jilani – Pakistan.

AGHS Legal Aid Cell is a relatively small but important NGO in Pakistan. It was set up in 1980 for providing free legal aid to women. Over the years, the mandate of AGHS has expanded to respond to the needs of a growing civil society and the demands made by various groups for legal recourse. AGHS is a professional organization headed by two Supreme Court Lawyers, Asma Jahangir and Hina Jilani. AGHS is quite unique in the country in term of its legal research, review of existing laws and lobbying new laws. It has strong links with the Bar Associations, police, political parties and the press. It also works closely with other groups of civil society nationally as well as internationally. With Regional Focus on Middle East or Asia, and with Country Focus on Pakistan. (Read more on International Rule of Law Directory).

AGHS Legal Aid Cell (ALAC) was set up in February 1980 in Lahore. Initially lawyers working for AGHS Law Associates supported the activities of ALAC. The activities were confined to providing legal aid to women. Gradually, however, these activities increased. Now legal awareness, education, protection from exploitation, legal research, counseling and providing legal assistance is all part of legal aid.

- To disseminate information on Family law and laws for the protection of the target group (women, children, elderly, disadvantaged etc.);
- Provision of legal aid to target group;
- Training of paralegal to involve more women in the mainstream movement for women rights;
- Campaign for child, women prisoners and crimes against women.

Activities in cooperation with Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation: AGHS provides legal assistance to women prisoners in Lahore and Multan along with monitoring situation of women prisoners in Punjab province. Besides that AGHS prepares and prints legal literacy material focused on women and human rights.

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