Save Africa’s Children SAC

Save Africa’s Children (SAC) provides direct support and care to orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty and war throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. SAC partners with individuals, churches, grassroots organizations, government and corporate sectors, endeavoring to build a dynamic, diverse movement to restore hope and a future for Africa’s children … (about 1/2 /mission).

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Address Headquarter: Save Africa’s Children, 3045 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA;

About 2/2 /how we work: … Founded in 2001 by Bishop Charles E. Blake, Save Africa’s Children (SAC) directly supports children affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty and conflict throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

SAC has assisted over 400 orphan care programs in 21 African nations, reaching over 200,000 AIDS-affected children. SAC is among the first and largest African-American founded organizations meeting the needs of vulnerable children in Africa. We are one of few U.S. based charitable organizations channeling financial resources to small church-based, community and grassroots groups throughout the African continent.

Save Africa’s Children expands the scope of care for AIDS orphans in sub-Saharan Africa. We support projects that strengthen the capacity of families and communities to provide care for AIDS affected children. SAC partners with African nationals serving on the frontlines of the AIDS epidemic to provide safe, compassionate, and productive alternatives through residential and community-based programs.

SAC grants support the following activities:

  • Education: community schools and educational support (school fees, school supplies, uniforms)
  • Health: HIV/AIDS palliative care, home-based care kits, feeding programs, medical clinics
  • Infrastructure: well construction, expansion of schools and residential facilities
  • Training: HIV/AIDS awareness, caregiver training programs, capacity building, anti-AIDS youth clubs
  • Community-based care: support to orphan caregivers and households caring for orphans, day care centers, community mobilization and women’s collectives
  • Emergency Relief: immediate support to children and communities affected by humanitarian and political crises.

Much needs to be done to stem the tide of HIV/AIDS and reclaim Africa’s lost generation. In the words of Oscar-winning actor, humanitarian and SAC Honorary Chairman, Denzel Washington, “Bishop Charles E. Blake, is my pastor, mentor and a man of great integrity. I can personally state my utmost confidence and trust in the fine organization of Save Africa’s Children”.

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