Child Poverty Action Group CPAG

fighting the injustice of poverty – CPAG is the leading charity campaigning for the abolition of child poverty in the UK and for a better deal for low-income families and children

CPAG’s aims are to:

  • Raise awareness of the causes, extent, nature and impact of poverty, and strategies for its eradication and prevention;
  • Bring about positive policy changes for families with children in poverty;
  • Enable those eligible for income maintenance to have access to their full entitlement.

To achieve its aims, CPAG’s current objectives, working where appropriate through effective partnerships and alliances with others, are to: … full text aims).

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Map; Address: Child Poverty Action Group, 94 White Lion Street, London N1 9PF, UK;

About: Raising awareness – Information and research: CPAG provides information about low-income families and the policies that affect them.

We monitor official poverty statistics and carry out research, providing evidence of the shortcomings of the social security and tax credits systems in regular briefings to government ministers, MPs and the general public. We comment on any proposed policy changes likely to affect low-income families with children. We are often asked by journalists to comment on new initiatives or developments.

Policy publications: We publish three policy books every year on different aspects of poverty and social policy.

Previous publications have examined children and work in the UK, poverty and crime, health issues and social exclusion.

Poverty magazine, published three times a year, is an essential campaigning tool providing up to date facts, figures and comment.

Promoting welfare rights:

The work of the Citizens’ Rights Office: CPAG’s Citizens’ Rights Office (CRO) provides a free telephone and letter advice service to welfare rights advisers so that they are better able to advise their clients. Legal specialists in the CRO also take carefully selected individual ‘test cases’, which may clarify or challenge the way social security or tax credits law is interpreted. This legal work can benefit thousands of claimants if the challenge is successful. The ongoing work of the CRO provides CPAG with the practical information necessary to support and publicise our arguments for reform.

Training for advisers: We run training courses in welfare rights, for both new and experienced advisers, to help them keep up to date with developments in social security and tax credits and ensure that they – and their clients – are fully informed.

Publishing the facts: We publish handbooks giving practical advice on topics such as the child support scheme, fuel and debt. The new annually updated Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook contains detailed, accessible information about the increasingly complex system of benefits and tax credits. Our Welfare Rights Bulletin, published bi-monthly, keeps advisers up to date with all the latest developments … (full text).

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