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The BDS Forum is a database and discussion forum on different BDS strategies. We do not support “the only one BDS approach” – monopoly but complementary business development strategies proved in practice like the moderate BDS approach including commercial BDS providers as well as NGOs, local city administrations, public providers and self-help organisations. Your contributions are welcome!

BDS Media:

  • BDS Internet Portals
  • BDS email based Newsletter
  • Business Information Handbooks
  • BDS Reader
  • BDS Library (download)

Strategies and Trainings:

  • BDS Toolkit
  • BDS Trainings
  • BDS Success Stories
  • BDS Lessons learnt
  • Capacity Building and Networking
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Business Information Services:

  • Start your Business
  • Business Registration
  • Business Planning
  • Bookkeeping and Cost Calculation
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Import-Export and Trade Fairs
  • BDS with Business Associations
  • Taxation
  • Supply Markets
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Standards and Quality

Business Development Services (BDS) comprise a wide range of non-financial services provided by private suppliers (BDS providers) to entrepreneurs who use them to efficiently operate and make their businesses grow. The types of services in a functioning BDS system are determined by the demand articulated on the part of the businesses.

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  • How to develop sustainable BDS without Radicalism?
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