Linked with Jason Leopold – USA. is an American political website aimed at providing an alternative to corporate news sources. It was started in the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election with the goal of, in its words, “hoping to reach a few people, have some small impact on the dialogue, and maybe try to restore a little integrity.” It claims to have more than 4 million visits per month. Some of its prominent contributors include William Rivers Pitt, Jason Leopold, Scott Galindez David Bacon, Dean Baker, Tom Engelhardt, William Fisher, Dahr Jamail, Ray McGovern, J. Sri Raman, Norman Solomon, David Swanson and James Zogby. The organization has reported extensively on the anti-war movement and helped to put Cindy Sheehan on the map by publishing many of her writings. Focus is also provided to issues concerning the environment, labor, women, health, and voter rights. It’s articles are now carried by many international publications including World News , and California News. The website also has an active blog where visitors can discuss various issues or specific articles. (See on wikipedia, were this article is currently protected from editing, until disputes have been resolved). See this on talk about


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