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Do the mean awful angries keep creeping up on your family?

Talk, Trust & Feel Therapeutics provides innovative toys and books to help parents, teachers and therapists teach children to express uncomfortable feelings, take responsibility for their own behavior and learn positive social skills. Our commitment is to develop products to help children feel good about identifying and breaking into their acts of power and replacing them with acts of love. Our unique mission is to help children and adults learn how to deal with their anger and express it in safe, constructive ways. Our philosophy is that changing our world is possible when adults approach children’s misbehavior with love and compassion and teach them better ways to act. We are a mom, pop company determined to make a difference on the planet … (about 1/2 /who we are).

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About 2/2 /Lynne Namka: … Lynne Namka Ed. D. developed most of the anger release products after years of working with angry children in groups and with families with anger problems.

Talk, Trust & Feel has a mission to promote peace in the world by teaching people positive social skills. Lynne writes books and develops products in diverse areas of the self help field (parenting, children, relationships and conscious aging), providing techniques that produce tangible results for personal change and growth. Lynne is a psychologist in private practice in Tucson, AZ.

Sorry folks, but due to chronic illness and the high volume of email from all over the world which I can’t answer, I no longer give out my email address on the Angries Out web site.

  • With limited time constraints and the need to earn a living, I cannot give free advice regarding personal problems via email or the phone.
  • I do not give anger management classes or know anyone in your area who does.
  • I do not know any therapists who specialize in anger management in your area. See my article on choosing a competent therapist at the end of the home page.
  • If you are in Tucson, AZ and want an appointment, FAX 520-825-4766 or write me at the address below with your specific needs and my assistant will get back to you.
  • Writers and media folks who want to reach me can FAX 520-825-0556 …

Classified Add for Lynne Namka: When Living Hurts, Therapy is the Way to Go!

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