The CAP Center -Texas USA

Child Abuse Prevention, The CAP Center, Texas: Child abuse occurs at every level of society and among families of every race, color, creed and financial status. The abuse can range from subtle to savage and is both mentally and physically crippling. Even in less severe forms, abuse degrades the spirit and affects almost every aspect of a child’s life.

MISSION: to break the cycle of child abuse by equipping parents and caregivers for success. Our mission resonates through our four educational and counseling programs for families at risk for abuse. The Center works to empower its clients by teaching positive parenting methods and supporting parents in strengthening their families, emotionally, economically, and socially. CAP Center is a key provider of prevention services for at-risk children and families in Dallas County.

Programs: Parent Aide, Healthy Families, Families First, Shaken Baby Syndrome Education.

What is Child Abuse?

Daycare Center; Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin and its Child Abuse Prevention Fund; Child Abuse Prevention Services CAPS; East Bay Agency for Children and its Child Assault Prevention Training Center; Child abuse, incest, and rape: select resources and links.

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