DANIDA’S Centre for Competence Development DCCD

DCCD: Publication of the results from the impact evaluation of DCCD’s and ERH’s – in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – courses in Contract Management in Copenhagen and abroad. Read the text by clicking on ‘Read the publication‘ (and read all about Services, Courses and other Guidelines by clicking on the respective links on this page). See also the same text on OECD.org.

OVERVIEW OF THE DANISH INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE (DANIDA): The overall objective of Danish bilateral development assistance is poverty alleviation. An effective reduction of poverty is a precondition for a stable and sustainable global development … // … SCHOLARSHIPS: For a limited number of counterparts in Danida financed programmes and projects, training is available through the Danida Fellowship Programme. The Fellowship Programme primarily supports training activities of a strategic or technical, innovative nature that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies, and programmes/projects in programme countries may want to promote. The training activities can take place in the region or in Denmark. Visit the Fellowship’s website for more information about the Danida Fellowship Programme. Scholarships for studying in Denmark is not available through the Embassy. Please visit Denmark.dk or Cirius for information about scholarships and studying in Denmark. (Edited May 9, 2006). (Read all informations on Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark).

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