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at the National University of Ireland NUI, Galway – Promoting human rights through teaching, research and advocacy

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The Irish Centre for Human Rights is one of the world’s premier university-based institutions for the study and promotion of human rights and humanitarian law. Since its establishment in January 2000, the Centre has developed a global reputation for excellence in the field of human rights teaching, research and advocacy, which has enabled the institution to attract high quality students to its acclaimed masters programmes and to build a thriving community of doctoral researchers … (full text Centre’s Homepage).

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Lunchtime Seminar Series: The Lunchtime Seminar Series plays host to prominent visiting academics and practitioners in the human rights field. These guests deliver one hour seminars addressing specific topical, current and cutting edge issues relevant to their areas of expertise. The seminars take place over the lunch hour and are open to the public. 

UPCOMING Seminars (All seminar times are from 1300-1400 unless otherwise noted):

31 March, Ziya Meral, University of Cambridge “Politics and Ethics of Acknowledgment of Historical Atrocities; a multi-disciplinary approach with specific reference to Armenian-Turkish disputes over 1915″.

Ziya is a researcher on the Middle East, writer and a PhD candidate in Politics at the University of Cambridge. He read Russian literature at Ankara University for two years and holds degrees from Brunel University in London, MDiv from International School of Theology in the Philippines and MSc in Sociology from the London School of Economics. Ziya has extensive in field research experience in the Middle East, especially in Iran, Egypt and Turkey. As an expert on human rights issues in the Middle East, Ziya has delivered talks and lectures in academic institutions and conferences, spoke at briefings and consultancies at the UK House of Commons and House of Lords and the U.S. Congress, and regularly briefed British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and US Department of State. He has commented widely on the Middle East and Islamic issues in international and British media. He has published opinion editorials and academic essays and two books in Turkish on a wide range of issues from Turkish and Middle Eastern politics to Islam, human rights, Turkish-Armenian relations, philosophy, social theory, comparative literature and theology.He is also the author of various briefings and documents on human rights and political developments in the Middle East, and the critically acclaimed report on Islam and human rights, No Place to Call Home: Experiences of Apostates from Islam and Failures of the International Community, which is based on in depth field research in 6 countries, legal surveys of Muslim-majority states and theological surveys of current and traditional Islamic thought. He currently has a new book in publication process in Turkey, The Idiot: Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky and Jesus at the crossroads, and a play in production for stage in Istanbul.

Gerd Hankel (TDB): … (full text).

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