World Social Forum, Delhi – 9-13 November 2006

Linked with Darshan Pal – India, and with Draft Minutes of the IWC Meeting New Delhi.

The official Website of the World Social Forum, updated August 27, 2006 (in 4 languages).

(See also: FAQ about the preparation of the WSF 2007).

The World Social Forum is not an organisation, not a united front platform, but “…an open meeting place for reflective thinking, democratic debate of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences and inter-linking for effective action, by groups and movements of civil society that are opposed to neo- liberalism and to domination of the world by capital and any form of imperialism, and are committed to building a society centred on the human person”.

India Social Forum (ISF) has been proposed in Delhi between 9-13 November
2006, to further advance the movement against neo-liberal globalisation,
sectarian politics, casteism, patriarchy and militarisation.

The Indian Working Committee of WSF-India has taken some
initiatives to prepare a draft Programme Note for the ISF. Through meetings,
discussions, emails and list serves, the Programme Note has been revised
many-a-times in the last few months. This is a part of the journey of the
evolution of programmes in ISF.

The last India Working Committee meeting of WSF-India,
held in Delhi, decided to invite comments, suggestions, additions, ideas,
to develop the ISF programme further. To do so in an inclusive, diverse
and participatory way, we are initiating a discussion. We will finalise
the Programme Note after getting your comments on the visions, spaces, themes,
sub-themes, etc.

See more on programmes, registrations.

Articles pertaining to the Polycentric World Social Forum: you find continuously many articles on this site of Open Space Forum.

See the book: ‘Challenging Empires‘. A committed but critical anthology of essays on the theory and practice of the Forum, with essays by wo/men from many parts of the world, with many different points of view. This online version is abbreviated from the printed original, published by Viveka, New Delhi. This is so that it might provide a taster for the print version (with its extensive Documents and Resources) rather than an alternative to it. Copyright rests first with the Editors and Authors. Further requests for information to Jai Sen, For copies of the book itself, approach Viveka Foundation: 25-C DDA Flats, Shahpurjat, New Delhi 110 049, India, Tel: 91-11-2649 2473 / 2649 7586, e-mail one, e-mail two.

India Social Forum 2006: The ruling classes and social movements, Monday 19 June 2006, by Feroz MEHDI – As far as organizing the event such as the proposed India Social Forum goes, the Indian organizations involved in the process have already demonstrated their capabilities with the Asian Social Forum 2003 held in Hyderabad and the World Social Forum 2004 held in Mumbai. Logistics were well managed and orchestration of the program well done, with remarkable improvement from the Asian to the World Forum. Attendance was more than expected with over 130 000 participants in Mumbai 2004. Financially too the India Working Committee managed to collect more funds than were spent in the Mumbai Forum.On these two counts there seem to be no worries for the upcoming India Social Forum to be held in Delhi from 9 to 13 November 2006. As far as the WSF process is concerned, the timing is good as it intends to mobilize the participants for the next World Social Forum to be held in Nairobi in January 2007. As a consequence, the ISF is also being announced as the Afro-Asian Solidarity Process. There is though a different political environment than what existed in January 2004 when the WSF was held in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. (Read the whole article on Alternativs International).

See also this site: greenyouth.

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