Parents Anonymous

Parents Anonymous Inc. is the nation’s oldest child abuse prevention organization, dedicated to strengthening families and building caring communities that support safe and nurturing homes for all children. (about).

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Address: Parents Anonymous, 675 West Foothill Blvd., Suite 220, Claremont, CA 91711-3475, USA;

Mission and History: As the nation’s premier child abuse prevention organization, Parents Anonymous® Inc. is a community of parents, organizations and volunteers committed to: 

  • Strengthening Families and Building Strong Communities
  • Achieving Meaningful Parent Leadership and Shared Leadership
  • Leading the Field of Child Abuse and Neglect

Parents Anonymous® Inc. was founded in 1969 through the extraordinary efforts of Jolly K., a courageous, single mother who sought help to create a safe and caring home for her family. Working in partnership with her social worker, they launched a unique solution for parents who wanted to strengthen their families — the Parents Anonymous® Group – a group which meets weekly, is free of charge to participants and is based on Shared Leadership and mutual support.

Today Parents Anonymous® Inc. leads a dynamic international Network of 267 accredited organizations and local affiliates that implement quality Parents Anonymous® Programs for adults and children and our success has been confirmed through research. Parents Anonymous® Inc. provides training and technical assistance, develops publications and conducts research on meaningful Parent and Shared Leadership, systems reform and effective community-based strategies to strengthen families.

Our committed Board of Directors includes national experts in child abuse prevention, business representatives and Parent Leaders who have utilized Parents Anonymous® services. Integral to our mission and operations is the unique partnership established with Parents Anonymous® Parent Leaders. Parents Anonymous® Inc. has a long impressive history of effectively advocating for the creation and support of meaningful leadership roles for parents to ensure better outcomes for families.

Our legacy continues because of the millions of courageous parents and children who have successfully changed their lives forever through Parents Anonymous®.

Partner with Parents Anonymous® Inc. to strengthen families and build strong communities.

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