Demographic and Health Survey DHS

quality information to plan, monitor and improve population, health and nutrition programs

DHS supports a range of data collection options that can be tailored to fit specific monitoring and evaluation needs of host countries.  Learn more about the types of surveys, secondary data analysis, and specialized studies that MEASURE DHS performs … (full text Surveys ans Methodology).

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Address: MEASURE DHS Office, ICF Macro, 11785 Beltsville Drive, Suite 300, Calverton, MD 20705, USA;

About /Overview: Since 1984, the MEASURE DHS (Demographic and Health Surveys) project has provided technical assistance to more than 240 surveys in over 85 countries, advancing global understanding of health and population trends in developing countries.

DHS has earned a worldwide reputation for collecting and disseminating accurate, nationally representative data on fertility, family planning, maternal and child health, gender, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and nutrition.

The MEASURE DHS project is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Contributions from other donors, as well as funds from participating countries, also support surveys. The project is implemented by ICF Macro, an ICF International Company. Since October 2008, ICF Macro has been partnering with five internationally experienced organizations to expand access to and use of the DHS data: … (full text).

DHS History: … (full text).

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