effective administration for ethical organizations

Crucial’s vision is to provide effective administration services for ethical organisations, by providing administration experts to organise individual projects and to introduce efficient long-term administration systems. Crucial provides services which will relieve staff of administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on their jobs and therefore increase the overall output of the organisation … (Vision 1/2).

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Vision 2/2: … Administration is the backbone to any operation; handled competently it can be a powerful tool, enabling all aspects of the operation to run at optimum capacity; handled badly it can be a serious handicap, minimising impact at all levels.

Despite this, recognition is rarely given to the importance of efficient administration in programme effectiveness. Symptomatic of this oversight are the majority of organisations which operate with cumbersome, time-consuming administration systems, failing to take advantage of new tools, made available as a result of recent technological advances. Technology allows administration to function with new levels of sophistication and means that systems can be simple, practical and informative. Administration need no longer be a burden.

As a result of this new technical approach, administration has become a highly specialised area. Administration specialists have the skills to effortlessly meet any organisational challenge and to set-up systems which then operate with minimal input of time and skill.

Crucial was founded to offer ethical organisations a source of administration specialists to provide them with a cost-effective and simple means to maximise their efficiency.

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