The Singamma Sreenivasan Foundation – India

Linked with Devaki Jain – India.

The SSF in Karnataka, Bangalore, built up and led by Ms. Deviki Jain, sustains projects.

A study attempting to design budgets that safeguard the interest of women and other groups, which are subordinated. It examines the budget of the Government of Karnataka, looking at both expenditure and revenue from a gender perspective. It looks at the budget of municipalities and Panchayats in terms of what they are and what they ought to be.

In particular, it looks at the working of Public Distribution System (PDS) and local taxonomy on food security and impact on health and health services of budgetary allocations. As a part of this study, elected women representatives (EWRs) were asked to prioritize their local needs and were further motivated to make an ‘ought budget’. The Study provides a new approach for budgeting, taking grassroots women as active participants in the whole process. (See, and Gender Budgets).

More on Gender-Budgeting.

Report of the Sub-Group on Strategies for Empowerment of Women, Development of Children and Issues for Adolescents. (See on National Commission on Population).


Most visible about the SSF is the work of participating in Congresses, Conferences, Debates, Workshops.

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