International Conflict Research Institute INCORE

Linked with INCORE’s 11th International Summer School.

  • Established in 1993, INCORE (International Conflict research) is a joint project of the United Nations University and the University of Ulster.
  • Combining research, education and comparative analysis, INCORE addresses the causes and consequences of conflict in Northern Ireland and internationally and promotes conflict resolution management strategies. It aims to influence policymakers and practitioners involved in peace, conflict and reconciliation issues while enhancing the nature of international conflict research … (about /introduction 1/2).

Staff; Summer School 2010; Peacekeeping; Processes; Teaching; Resources/Database; Consultancy; Reports; Forthcoming events;
Address: INCORE, University of Ulster, Magee Campus, Aberfoyle House, Northland Road, Londonderry/Derry, BT48 7JA, UK;
Contact: T:+44(0)28 71375500, F:+44 (0)28 71375510, E-mail.

About /introduction 2/2: … INCORE is located within the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ulster ­ and co-ordinates the varied peace and conflict-related activity across the University – encompassing work in disciplines such as politics, policy studies, history, international affairs, sociology, geography, architecture, communications and social work, as well as in peace and conflict studies.

INCORE works in partnership with a variety of institutions and organizations – locally and internationally. Partner organizations include community groups and civil society organizations in Northern Ireland, peace and conflict-oriented NGOs and think-tanks in Northern Ireland and internationally, and academic institutions around the world.

You can download the 4 pdf-pages 2009 INCORE brochure here.

INCORE and the United Nations University:

  • INCORE has had associate status with the United Nations University since it was established in 1993. This relationship provides for cooperation between the two in the promotion of research, postgraduate education and training, advisory services and dissemination of knowledge throughout the worldwide community of learning and research.
  • In particular INCORE works with the UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace UNU-ISP on a range of collaborative programmes.
  • For the latest information on happenings within the UNU system, visit UNU’s website.

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