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UNI is the Global Union for skills and services – We represent 900 trade unions and 20 million workers worldwide
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  • UNI Global Union provides a voice and a platform for workers at the international level in jobs ranging from the night janitor in your office block to the big-time Hollywood director of your favourite movie. With 20 million workers in 900 unions worldwide UNI fosters international solidarity and provides a voice at the international level for all its members.
  • UNI is focusing on Global Agreements to achieve power and parity for workers at multinational corporations. In the age of globalisation this is more important than ever. The global economy is in crisis and workers are bearing a disproportionate part of the burden. The solution to the crisis must include a global employment strategy that creates sustainable well-paying employment with bargaining rights … (full text about UNI).
  • UNI Global Unions is one of the affilates of Global Unions.

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Organise and Recognise: UNI Global Union believes that the right to organise workers and to be recognised by an employer at the bargaining table are the two legs that all union work stands on. Without the legal right to form a union and to engage in collective bargaining, unions cannot function. 

For this reason UNI has a global campaign that fights for trade union rights in every country in the world. UNI fights for the creation of laws protecting the right to organise and bargain in countries where they do not exist, it pushes to strengthen them in countries where the laws are weak and it demands they are in enforced in countries that have put those rights in the law books.

UNI believes that it is by workers themselves, with the help and support of their global union, who will best push up organisation rates and recognition in their own country.

Right now UNI is working with its US members as well as other global unions and the International Trade Union Confederation to help pass the US Employee Free Choice Act. This crucial legislation would give US workers, which has been one of the most anti-union countries in the world, the right to join a union and bargain a collective agreement without fear of losing their job.

UNI also works with its member unions as well as national governments and international institutions like the International Labour Organisation, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the World Trade Organisation to put basic workers’ rights and union rights in international agreements as well.

UNI’s program supports the work being done by affiliates in their own countries to codify and protect their rights. It also promotes an organising model for all unions to grow their membership and encourages them to reach out to young workers, women and those in new technologies who are not already unionised.

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