International Relief Friendship Foundation IRFF

Linked with Massimo Trombin – Luxemburg.

The International Relief Friendship Foundation IRFF is conducted through its outstanding International Board of Directors.

IRFF, together with a partner agency Christian Disaster Response, was there on the front-line of support during the World Trade Center tragedy in 2001 and 2002. During that time, IRFF provided spiritual care and counseling, food and support services for rescue workers, needs assessment for the victims and financial aid to families and individuals hardest hit by the tragedy. Continuing in this vein, IRFF became a partner agency with NVOAD – National Voluntary Organizations Giving Aid in Disaster and has subsequently formed state level offices with representation in numerous state-wide VOAD networks.

A distinguishing point of IRFF is the development and use of service learning and volunteer training programs. Organizing adolescents and young adults in particular, IRFF has developed numerous service learning projects through which volunteers can both give of themselves to help others as well as develop their own character through a concerted learning component. In addition, volunteers begin to learn how to live responsibly in our global community through the understanding and relationships that are formed across cultural, racial, and religious boundaries. IRFF’s strength has been the ability to work together with people as a means to empower all individuals – rich and poor – in order to create an ethos of living for the sake of others, regardless of one’s circumstances. Recent service learning programs have been developed on the family level, thus allowing families from around the globe the opportunity to serve and learn together through these special projects and demonstrating IRFF’s commitment to the family and family values.

IRFF is linked with WANGO, and also with Rev. Moon.

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