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  • The website of Fathers for Life is in defence of men and fathers. It promotes fathers within, not without families.
  • Deadbeat fathers are a very small, minuscule minority and not representative of all men, just as deadbeat mothers are not representative of all mothers or women.  However, we hear incessantly about deadbeat or violent fathers and men, while feminist activists and the feminist-dominated media sweep the issue of deadbeat mothers and far greater numbers of violent women in all cases of domestic violence (esp. when it comes to violence against children) under the carpet … (full text Homepage).

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Our blog dads and thingsOn-going custody battle (scroll down to): A few observations on Fathers Rights or Parenting Rights organizations (an excerpt): There are close to 50,000 active case files that are being held by Alberta Maintenance Enforcement. 

Roughly one-third of those involves cases in the Calgary area, another third involves cases in the Edmonton area, and the remaining third involves the rest of the province.

I have been actively involved with fathers rights since about 1990, which led me in about 1994 to begin with the website Fathers for Life.

Right from the start I noticed that there was hardly ever more than about a dozen or a little more of truly active fathers rights activists in Alberta.  The largest public demonstrations that were ever held (in one case a picketing action in front of Anne McLellan’s constituency office) mustered no more than about 60 picketers from a large variety of organizations of whom some only remotely ever worried about fathers rights.

It can be argued that personal agendas and lack of charisma of the leaders led to low membership numbers of various Fathers Rights or Parenting Rights organizations, but it would be wrong to put too much blame in that respect on the leaders of such organizations.

The problem is universal.  It applies in all major Canadian cities and in all provinces across Canada.  The apathy exists as well in all of North America and throughout all of the developed nations.  Increasingly, the general apathy emerges in the developing nations.

It may be looked at as battle fatigue by people who wish to uphold family values in a culture that actively promotes an all-out war against the family; there is that and much more involved.  The website of Fathers for Life extensively explores the concept of the war against the family and related concepts that apply.

The fact remains that not only active participants and victims of judicial persecution such as you are largely apathetic, but that the general public is apathetic as well.  There is not a ground-swell of support for the family.  The lack of public support means that politicians do not have to give pro-family sentiments a great deal of attention, which is the major reason why for every dollar of funding for programs and actions in support of the family there are about a thousand dollars of funding to sponsor programs and actions that aim at dismantling and systematically deconstructing the institution of the traditional nuclear family.

Given the lack of concern by politicians, a plethora of government agencies has a free hand to pursue its family-hostile aims.  Those aims — let there be no mistake about it — strongly lean toward the extreme radical left.  Their leanings are strongly Marxist.  Marxism has throughout its existence been strongly anti-family.  That is not too surprising, as the historical roots of Marxism (an age-old yearning toward Paradise on Earth, that is, a socialist Utopia) have always been strongly anti-family.  Socialism, especially in totalitarian socialist regimes throughout history aimed at best at strong state-control of the family and at worst at the total abolition of the family … (full long text).


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