The Social Democrats on the web

1) The Virtual & Global Social Democratic Party, a Worldwide Democratic Socialist Exchange & Political Education Project (no party).

21 countries having a website, 10 of it have an INPUT-workship, 3 have country Forums (India, Japan, Rep. of Korea), and there are 2 topic Forums (dictatorship, non-violence).


2) virglobenglish · The English Workshop of the VirGlob-SP, a yahoo-group, to be signed in. Description:

- Would you like to debate with social-democratic, labour or green SOCIALISTS from all continents and edit short resolutions that are applicable world-wide – maybe soon by webcam conferences? Then go to “JOIN” this workshop with ID and Login! It doesn’t matter whether you belong to a party or not, or which socialist party you are a member of. Join no matter whether you are experienced or not: you profit of a win-win-offer!

- HOW TO REPLY AVOIDING CONFUSION? Click “GROUP BY TOPIC”! Open the topic (= the question) and then the message you want to answer! Then click “REPLY”! Don’t change the SUBJECT FIELD, please! – Never “REPLY” to an email, please, and do not start an answer with “POST”!

- HOW TO ASK? Inform yourself before you ask a NEW question: here; and here; Then open “POST”! Formulate a”CONCRETE QUESTION” with a ‘?’ in the SUBJECT FIELD! Type a short EXPLANATION of the problem in the TEXT FIELD! “SEND” it! Please do not fill in any bulletins or resolutions or invitations!

- Moderated by: “The Virtual & Global Social Democratic Party – World-wide Political Exchange and Education”.

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