Workplace Mediation, UK

Independent dispute resolution

What is mediation? A process in which an independent party assists those in dispute to alter their interaction from destructive to constructive.
Benefits of mediation: … (full text Homepage).

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Address: Workplace Mediation Ltd, Zenith House, 210 Church Road, London E10 7JQ, UK;

Getting Started – The steps to take: In most cases the earlier the dispute is addressed the easier it is to be resolved. This is why Workplace Mediation works quickly and efficiently on all cases. 

The first step is to send a ‘third party referral form’ to Workplace Mediation. There is an online form available on this site.

If you would like an information pack or referral form to be sent by post, please contact Workplace Mediation.

Although it is desirable that all parties have agreed to mediate, it is not initially required. Often the mediators are able to encourage the other party to engage in mediation, even though they may have refused previously.

A brief outline of the dispute is all that is required to begin.

Once Workplace Mediation have received a completed referral form, you will be sent a confirmation of receipt. You may also be contacted by telephone if further information needs to be discussed.

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