Project Syndicate

Updated 2010-04-25: Project Syndicate – a world of ideas.

Project Syndicate is an international association of 287 newspapers in 115 countries, devoted to the following objectives:

bringing distinguished voices from across the world to local audiences everywhere;
strengthening the independence of printed media in transition and developing countries;
upgrading their journalistic, editorial, and business capacities.

Available Languages: english, spanish, french, russian, german, czech, chinese, arabian. 

You can read articles of known writers, like Joseph S. Nye, Casta, Rocard, Haass, Ralf Dahrendorf, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Robert J. Shiller, Sinn, Krauss, J. Bradford DeLong, Kenneth Rogoff, Peter Singer, Joschka Fischer, Dominique Moisi.

Or themes, like Global Perspectives, The Frontiers of Growth, The Human Rights Revolution, Worldly Philosophers, Islam and the WorldInternational Insight, European Economies, A Window on Russia, China Stands Up, Latin America Into Africa, The Asian CenturyMind and Matter, Health and Medicine, Science and Society.

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