The Offshore Alert Financial Due Diligence Conference

The Annual Offshore Alert Financial Due Diligence Conference is organized by an investigative newsletter whose exposés have helped put several financial criminals behind bars and is a ‘must-attend’ event for those who are serious about Serious Financial Crime. (About).

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History /Conference history: Each year, the team at Offshore Alert labors for many months to put together an original, relevant, and worthwhile conference program that is unbiased, neither pro- nor anti-offshore, yet penetrating and insightful.

Then we labor some more to ensure that it will be presented by speakers and panelists who are experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of financial crime.

It is this attention to detail and impartiality that has solidified our event as the premier educational & networking event about Offshore Financial Centers & Serious Financial Crime and why you will find some of the most influential people in the onshore and offshore worlds together at our event each year.

As noted attorney Jack Blum described our event in a profile of our 2009 conference featured in The Wall Street Journal:

  • “It’s like that famous bar in ‘Star Wars’ where they all come together – the good guys, the bad guys, the seriously guilty – and they all exchange information on neutral territory.”

As a testament to the quality of the conference and the high value still placed by professionals on the unique forum afforded by Offshore Alert’s Conference, there was a record turn-out at our most recent event, which attracted 275 registrants from 29 countries – a 32% increase in registrants compared with the previous year – despite the global recession!

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