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Are you concerned about the narrowness of public choices? Are you concerned about the way organised interests have colonised the public space to advance their narrow interests? Are you concerned about the excesses of insolvency practitioners, audit failures, lack of democracy at work, poverty wages. Are you concerned about the ‘visible hand’ of accountancy practices in losses of jobs, investments, savings, pensions and environmental degradation? Do you wish that someone would challenge the prevailing orthodoxies, disseminate competing views and develop alternative policies? (full text Homepage).

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Auditing: Are you concerned with the excesses of the auditing industry?

Auditors claiming that company accounts are ‘true and fair’ and the public discovers that the same accounts would have easily won the Booker Prize. Within weeks of clean audit opinions, company collapse and auditors deny any responsibilities though they are happy to collect their fees. Auditing firms enjoy the state guaranteed monopoly of the auditing market but don’t owe a ‘duty of care’ to any individual stakeholder. They are a major site for sleaze, corruption and anti-social activities.

This page provides news and offers concerned people a forum for sharing their views and experiences. Write to AABA and tell us about the scams operated by auditors. To read some of the pages on this site you will need an Acrobat reader. If you do not have one it can be downloaded free of charge from this page.

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