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Hell in Guantánamo Distresses Wall Street Lawyers, by Carole Vann – InfoSud: Barbara Olshansky, an Israeli-American lawyer, coordinates a network of 600 attorneys who are committed to defending the detainees in Guantánamo. She tells us about how these brilliant, Bush-voting New Yorkers are coming back from the Caribbean island with their beliefs shattered.

Asylum and Immigrants: Swiss Press Sees a Victory for the Rightwing, by Scott Capper – swissinfo: September 25, 2006 – Press commentators say Sunday’s ballots on tighter restrictions for asylum seekers and immigrants are a “personal victory” for the rightwing justice minister, Christoph Blocher.

Swiss set human rights priorities, by Frédéric Burnand – swissinfo : September 18, 2006 – The second session of the United Nations Human Rights Council opens on Monday in Geneva and will focus on special reports into the situation in Lebanon. Switzerland will continue to keep a particularly close eye on the main innovation of the Human Rights Council: regular human rights reviews of all 191 UN member states.

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