Mothers Apart From Their Children MATCH

  • Welcome to MATCH. We aim to offer non-judgemental emotional support to mothers all over the world who are apart from their child for one or many complex reasons. (Homepage).
  • Since 1979, when one person, Peg English, put an advertisement in The Guardian asking to meet other mothers apart from their children in London, MATCH quickly became a self-help organisation, and informal groups sprang up all over the UK. Since then MATCH has supported hundreds of mothers after their children have been taken into care, adopted, fostered, abducted abroad or alienated from them after high-conflict divorce … (full text aims).

Parental Alienation Syndrome, (also on wikipedia);
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Address: MATCH, BM Box No. 6334, London, WC1N 3XX, UK;

About: Mothers Apart from Their Children (MATCH) started in 1979 as a self-help group and attained charitable status in 2006. It’s run by an elected Committee (Trustees) in their homes.

All Trustees are, or have been, mothers apart from their children. Our income comes from £10 Membership subscriptions (UK) and small donations. We are UK-based but have Members world-wide.

Members are apart from their child for many complex reasons but, for general simplification, fall into these six main groups:

  • Child has been adopted.
  • Child is in care.
  • Child has been abducted by the other parent.
  • Child lives with the Resident Parent (father). Mother may have Non-Resident Parent (NRP) status and sees-writes-telephones-texts-e-mails child according to clearly defined Contact Orders or Family Court Judgments.
  • Child chooses not to see mother after high conflict situations following family breakdown, voicing intense criticism of her, sometimes verging on hatred. This is sometimes defined as Parental Alienation Syndrome.
  • Adult child, after a family feud or the family splitting up, chooses not to see his mother.

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