undergraduate study of International Political Economy

Linked with Bradford Dillman – USA, with Illicit International Transactions, and with Lessons for US Policy in the Arab World.

The International Political Economy Program: The University of Puget Sound is a leading center for undergraduate study of International Political Economy. We invite you to explore these web links and learn more about our courses and programs and the activities of our students, alumni and faculty. You can always return to this main page by clicking on the IPE beaver logo.

The International Political Economy Program offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of modern society.

International Political Economy encourages the integrated analysis of social problems and issues, using tools and methods of political science, economics, and sociology as informed by an understanding of history and tempered by appreciation of culture and cultural differences.

IPE at the University of Puget Sound stresses the appreciation of competing theoretical perspectives, the consideration of multiple and over-lapping economic, political, and social linkages between and among global actors and events, and the application of this powerful framework to the analysis of a wide range of issues. IPE students necessarily learn to consider issues broadly, to see how issues and problems are interconnected, and to engage in critical and creative thinking.

International Political Economy Faculty (Read all the rest on ups.edu).

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