Save Somali Women and Children SSWC

Linked with Elmi Asha Hagi Amin – Somalia, with Women Peacemakers Program WWP, and with Gender as a Tool in Building Peace, with Women defending Peace Conference, and with Somalia – profiles, facts and reports.
SSWC was founded in 1992 by a group of Somali women from all sections of the community, as an urgent imperative to address the needs of Somalia’s women and children, regardless of ethnic and geopolitical divisions. Based in Kenya, they work as a non-governmental humanitarian and development organisation with a focus on improving women’s rights and promoting their participation in building peace. They run training workshops on Conflict Management as well as organising an annual literacy programme. In addition, they provide practical support to some of the country’s most vulnerable and marginalised women through rights awareness workshops and campaigns to end Female Genital Mutilation and early and forced marriage. Working with disadvantaged and displaced women, SSWC’s programme of community rehabilitation and income generating projects helps women move out poverty and begin to play a full and active part in their own lives and that of their communities and country. (See this and others on

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