The Global African Congress GAC

Linked with Joy DeGruy-Leary – USA, with European banks and Africa’s wealth, with The Restoration of Human Abilities Association ROHA, and with The Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome PTSS.

The GAC was created at the historic Afrikans and Afrikan Descendants World Conference Against Racism (AAD WCAR) held in Bridgetown, Barbados (2002). The Global Afrikan Congress is dedicated to the ongoing Reparations struggle. The immediate priorities, strategies and recommendations on how to address the specific social, economic and political problems were addressed and are contained in our premier document, the Bridgetown Protocol.

This organization presently works with other partnering Black communities for the benefit of the global Afrikan community. The goal of this organization and its partners if the compensation for the enslavement and inhuman treatment of Afrikans and their descendants, and other less obvious effects of colonial domination and its attendant racism. Chattel slavery, the enslavement and torture of Afrikans and their children is, always was, and always will be a Crime Against Humanity. This event is indeed the worst crime in all of human history.

We believe, Reparations (compensation) is a necessary first step in repairing and healing the appalling damage done to Afrika and her descendants by European powers (including Canada and the United States of America).

VISION: That Afrikans and the Descendants of Afrikans in the Diaspora will work together in unity to achieve the reparation of our people, wherever they reside, and The Continent of Afrika.

MISSION: That the GAC will be a central catalytic agent in establishing a mass movement dedicated to achieving unity among Afrikans, on the Continent and In the Diaspora.

WHAT IS THE GAC? The Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) is an international non-governmental organization network that was created by and caters to all Afrikans and Afrikan Descendants both on the Afrikan Continent and in the Diaspora.

The GAC organizes from the bottom up, emphasising the need for local and international grassroots involvement. Focusing on openness, democracy, self-determination, economic independence and control of our communities, this network offers an opportunity for local and international community solidarity, cooperation, and empowerment.

The GAC seeks to be a venue that allows organizations from different locations to work together toward common objectives.

The GAC values and respects diversity within the Afrikan family from all geographical regions and aims to put an end to the dislocation and disorganization of the Afrikan and Afrikan Descendants communities caused by colonial and neo-colonial domination.

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