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Firstgiving lets people donate to nonprofits online. It’s quick, easy and safe – Linked with Just Giving.

  • Our goal is to help people raise as much as they can for the causes they care about, by providing an excellent service to as many people as possible.
  • You can raise money for any nonprofit that’s on GuideStar, although we’re not a nonprofit ourselves. Our online fundraising pages make raising money and donating easy; they’ve helped transform the way people fundraise. The rest is down to the amazing and creative ways you use them … (full text about).

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Map, address: First Give, Davis Square, 48 Grove Street, Suite 106, Somerville, MA 02144, USA;

How it works: Start raising money with a fundraising page: You can make your own fundraising page on Firstgiving to raise money for any nonprofit organization.
Email your page to friends, family and colleagues, who donate by credit or debit card in an easy, secure online transaction.
We send all the donations to your nonprofit, minus our small transaction fee.
Create a page.

Firstgiving transaction fee:

  • Our robust online giving tools provide immense efficiency, while reducing technology hassles and administrative costs. What’s more, our online tools empower nonprofits to tap into supporters who can’t be reached by traditional solicitation methods. We deliver top-notch customer support to nonprofits, supporters, and donors alike. We also pay all associated credit card fees.
  • Thousands of users have teamed with us and raised more money with significantly less effort. Firstgiving’s fee is just 7.5% on donations made to fundraising pages.

For example, with a $25 donation:

  • $1.88 (7.5%) = Firstgiving fee
  • $23.12 goes to the nonprofit

The 7.5% Firstgiving fee covers:

  • Securing and hosting the site
  • Vetting 501(c) nonprofits associated with GuideStar
  • Processing your donations securely
  • Providing exceptional support to nonprofits, supporters, and donors; when you contact us, you speak to friendly, knowledgeable people
  • Giving nonprofits full reporting and event management capability
  • Giving supporters personal storytelling tools to maximize donations
  • Ensuring the transfer of money raised to the nonprofit

If you have any questions, please email us.

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