Mission of Essential Drugs & Supplies MEDS, Nairobi

  • Our Vision: To be the preferred faith based medical supply chain and support organization.
  • Our Mission: To provide reliable, quality and affordable essential drugs, medical supplies, training, and other pharmaceutical services guided by Christian and Professional values thus contributing to the healing ministry of Christ.
  • Our Core Values: … (full text Vision, Mission).

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Address: MEDS, P.O. Box 78040 – 00507, Viwandani, Nairobi, Kenya;

About: MEDS has a well established and time tested safe, secure, reliable and sustainable supply chain system that enhances access to good quality healthcare in Kenya and the neighbouring countries.

MEDS offers a systematic, well coordinated approach to selection and quantification, warehousing and inventory control, quality assurance, procurement and distribution, and logistical management of medicines and medical supplies needed in healthcare, thus ensuring a reliable supply of commodities.  MEDS works closely with clients, suppliers and project partners to ensure availability of appropriate supplies – how, when, and where they are needed.

Selection and Quantification:

  • In partnership with others, MEDS selects and quantifies the pharmaceutical commodities taking into consideration the disease burden, treatment regimens, consumption patterns and buffer requirements of each item to avoid stock out situations.  Through this elaborate effort, MEDS has been able to communicate accurate projections to suppliers/manufacturers thereby ensuring early pipelining of orders in the production process, as well as timely delivery of stocks.  —
  • MEDS’ stock list is reviewed periodically by a formulary committee comprising experts in the various health disciplines and clinicians from health facilities.

MEDS Formulary Committee in 2007:


  • MEDS has a stringent and transparent procurement system that ensures that all products procured meet acceptable international quality standards. To achieve this, MEDS has a system of validating suppliers/manufacturers and also conducts audit visits to existing and prospective suppliers to ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices.
  • Over the years MEDS has built a strong mutual relationship with the suppliers thus minimizing costs that could arise from emergency purchases. Bulk purchases allow MEDS to enjoy economies of scale and bulk discounts. The price benefits realized are passed over to clients thereby making MEDS to be the most cost-effective non-public supplier in Kenya.

Quality Assurance:

  • MEDS does not only rely on the stringent regulatory authority approvals but also has an elaborate quality assurance system that ensures that items are screened on receipt, randomly sampled for chemical analysis in our in-house WHO pre-qualified quality control laboratory as well as monitoring feedback from users.
  • Through partnerships with organizations like Difaem, World Health Organization (WHO) and Johnson & Johnson, MEDS laboratory became WHO pre-qualified in March 2009.

Freight and forwarding:

  • With increased demand outside Kenya, MEDS has put in place an elaborate system that facilitates timely and efficient export and import of medicines and medical supplies. Export permits and other documents are usually processed within 24 hours to ensure that all partners and clients are served without delay.


  • MEDS distribution network covers all the parts of Kenya, Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region and at no extra cost within Kenya. The distribution is based on a “pull” system, where client get what they require. MEDS turnaround time from receipt of order to delivery to clients is within 3 days.

Storage and Warehousing:

  • MEDS warehouses are managed by highly qualified pharmaceutical specialists to meet highest level of standards. In-built cold storage facilities and cold chain during transportation are in place to ensure efficient handling of heat sensitive products. MEDS Storage and warehousing is fully computerized. The racking system is well organized to ensure efficient, quick and convenient storage of stocks and processing of orders.

Human Resources:

  • MEDS has a team of highly qualified and committed staff who operate with a high level of professionalism and dedication.

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