Zindagi Trust

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Zindagi Trust is a non-profit 501(c)3 philanthropic organization that aims to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of Pakistan. It has established 29 operational schools with over 2800 children currently being educated across Pakistan. Additionally, Zindagi Trust is committed to promoting quality Government school reform and improving the curriculum and textbooks of the education system of Pakistan. Zindagi Trust along with the Book Group was successful in the remarkable transformation of Fatimah Girls Government School in Karachi where 2500 students are enrolled … (about 1/2).

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Address Head Office: Zindagi Trust, House No. 94-C, Haji Abdul Razzak Jano Street, Faran Housing Society, Karachi, Pakistan;

About 2/2 /Vision, Mission, Value: Vision: We would lead the way in providing opportunities and strategies to a better life through education to the underprivileged working children of Pakistan.

Mission – We plan to achieve our vision and purpose by committing to the following mission:

  • To continue to provide formal education for working children enrolled in the Trust’s program.
  • To create an institution, known for its commitment and excellence to the cause of education, and providing a platform for employees and stakeholders to excel in their mission.

Values – We strive to uphold the following values in fulfilling our vision and mission:

  • Compassion: The organization, its employees and other stakeholders believe in concern and sympathy for the derprivileged— especially working children.
  • Loyalty: As a Trust, we especially hold dear those who show devotion, faithfulness and allegiance to the organization and the country.
  • Ethics: The organization aspires to ethical practices (honesty, integrity) in its relationship with all its stakeholders.
  • Quality: As an organization we highly value quality and excellence both in terms of our programs and processes.
  • Character Building: We consider character building to be an integral aspect of our programs, as learning without personal integrity will be of little value to the individual and the society.

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