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Immunization Laws /our Responses:
1. Can the doctor or hospital make me vaccinate my baby


  • No. Your doctor may claim the shots are mandatory for your infant or young child, but state laws mainly address vaccine requirements for children entering daycare centers and/or school. [See questions #2 and #3.]


  • Hi, I am a mother of an 11 month old. She is currently up to date with her vaccinations and thankfully hasn’t suffered short-term effects. I have just recently discovered the vaccine controversy and have begun research. Though an informed parent’s research is never done, her father and I have come to the conclusion that further vaccination is not right for us. I personally feel appalled and decieved by the vaccine adverse-effect cover-up, and if it is not a cover-up, then it is ignorance. People who are in a position of authority over the health of our children are cloaked in ignorance! (As I have learned over and over again regarding breastfeeding, natural birthing, co-sleeping, etc.)
  • Anyway, I live in Virginia. My question is this: I have read the current law at the local library and it allows for only two exemptions — 1) religious and 2) doctor’s orders. Not the personal/philosophical exemption I was hoping for. I cannot afford a lawyer, and I don’t know anyone here in Virginia who has been exempted. How can I go about getting an exemption?
  • My daughter’s first year appointment is coming up in a month (along with more scheduled vaccinations). I am confident that we will be able to delay them by refusing to sign the waiver and explaining we are currently researching vaccines in order to make a more informed choice. Please send me any info you can about actually getting legally exempted. I don’t currently belong to a church although I am religious, believing in God and having a deep-rooted belief system. However, my decision not to vaccinate has little to do with it! How can the affidavit be changed to reflect my religious beliefs if they just aren’t the foundation for my decision? And the state laws I read said nothing about how to go about exempting or where to send such an affidavit to! Thank you.


  • Vaccines are NOT required for an 11 month old baby. State laws are generally worded to convince parents to vaccinate their children entering public institutions. If you don’t want the shots, you simply tell your doctor that you’ve decided against further vaccines. You don’t have to listen to a lecture or explain your reasons.
  • Your immunization records OR a vaccine exemption is required when entering some daycare centers and all public schools. Religious exemptions are possible despite your membership in a recognized denomination [See sample letters below]. Most doctors will not provide a medical exemption.
  • Your doctor will become angry and may threaten to stop seeing you and your child. This is a common tactic, so be prepared. If this occurs, you might want to consider what purpose the doctor serves in your life. According to the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, 30-year pediatrician and outspoken critic of vaccinations, very few health conditions warrant medical attention. He discusses these and other childhood ailments in his excellent book, How to Raise a Healthy Child…In Spite of Your Doctor. Another good resource is Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, co-authored by two naturopaths and a medical doctor. These books and other vaccine resources, including a copy of your exact state laws and a sample affidavit, are available by visiting our ThinkChoice/New Atlantean Bookstore.

2. Are vaccines mandatory for my children to get into a public daycare, school, or college?


  • No. State laws “mandating” vaccines also permit exemptions. (Read: Why Schools Should NOT Mandate Vaccines.)


  • Is there any way to get around the legal requirements that daycare, school, etc. force on parents to have their children vaccinated? Thank you: … (full long, long text Laws).

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