Catholic Aid Agency for England and Wales CAFOD

just one world – also in french, portugues, espanol, cymraeg.

Our vision is a world transformed to reflect the Kingdom of God: a world where:

  • the rights and dignity of every person are respected
  • all have access to basic needs in life
  • women and men share equally in shaping their societies and our world
  • the gifts of creation are nurtured and shared by all for the common good and
  • the structures that shape people’s lives are just and enable peace.

Mission, Values: … (full text Vision, Mission,Values).

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History of our work: We were born when volunteer members of the National Board of Catholic Women organised the first Family Fast Day on Friday, March 11, 1960.

This section includes financial statements and annual reviews for the past five years Our beginnings came when the National Board of Catholic Women organised a Family Fast Day in response to a request from the people of the Caribbean Island of Dominica for help with a mother-and-baby healthcare programme.

In 1962, the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales officially set up CAFOD – then known as the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development, but today is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. The aim was to provide a focus for all the small-scale charitable efforts which were already taking place.

Today, we are still bringing about change as a result of the immense commitment and generosity of the Catholic communities of England and Wales. There are now two Fast Days each year – one during Lent and one during Harvest – and money is raised not only by fasting, but through a wide range of imaginative sponsored events in churches, schools and youth groups across England and Wales.

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