Karsten Weitzenegger Consulting

Website, Services etc. in english, but also in deutsch, en français, en español e português.

It is a small and dynamic consulting firm handling a wide range of political and economic advisory services to governmental and private clients in developing and transitional countries. We combine our consultancy services with implementation and capacity building. Our business is part of the cooperative AGEG Consultants eG. We build on valuable experience and robust networks in the expert community. e-mail.

Newsletter in english.

Special Newsletter on Post-conflict economies: The Web version is available on http://www.weitzenegger.de/new/2006/1006.html, with new recommended books:


  • Education
  • Social Policy & Development
  • Democracy / Human Rights
  • Public Affairs & Media
  • Their Code of Ethics
  • Programme Management
  • Economic & Industrial Services
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Investment Promotion
  • Banking
  • Labour Market Restructuring
  • Public Sector Management

(In bold: interesting for Human Rights Activists and similars).

Karsten Weitzenegger is a political scientist specialising in international development cooperation. He is an expert on developing participatory organisational changes in the field of social and economic policy. His work has focused on institution building for financial and non-financial business development services, ownership and governance issues, and also investment and export promotion activities or products from developing and transition countries. As long term expert with the United Nations, Mr Weitzenegger has provided advice to the Government of Sao Tome and Principe on the design of the national economic policy and poverty alleviation programs. He has also recently advised banks, business associations and vocational training authorities on business services and product development.

Partner: AGEG.

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