A New Way Forward

it is time to break up the banks – Linked with Financial Reform: How We Can Save Our Economy, with Propsperity Agenda.us, and with Mobilize for our Economy.

  • We live in challenging and increasingly hard times in the United States. Over the last few decades, the American economy has drastically changed. Wages for working people have not risen in 30 years, the vast majority of families need two incomes to get by, and after working for 40 years, few are assured a livable pension.
  • We have witnessed the once strong American economy and American worker become the most indebted in the world. The average American is in debt to a greater degree than any time in history, while in a half century the nation has gone from the greatest creditor nation in history to the largest debtor nation in history … (the Idea 1/2).
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The Idea 2/2: … Most recently, a meltdown of Wall Street and the banking sector has seen 401ks drop in value and, most tellingly, a government deaf to the plight of average Americans and cries of economists immediately pour trillions of dollars in the coffers of Wall Street and the banks.

At the same time, the floors of Congress are turned into a trading pit, with lobbyists of mega-corporations stacked outside in the halls fighting to fund reelection committees, so they can get the best deal.

A financial crisis has quickly turned into a economic crisis with unemployment rising above double digits, local governments cutting services, and schools, the foundation of our future, closing.

It has become obvious to all, our economy, our politics, and our government are not working for the benefit of the majority. We need A New Way Forward.

The first step forward must be a rengagement of the American people with politics and their government. Our republic was formed over two centuries ago, with one essential understanding, it needed the goodwill and participation of the people to effectively function. When people are engaged in their society, their minds are engaged and they feel their own dignity and self-respect; when they come together we bring on greater thought and progressive change. Towards this end, we need to have democratic, constructive conversations so that we can command our own words and the change that brings dignity and fortune to many more. This is the way we can truly engage millions of people and come together to fight for ourselves. We need the American people to step up, educate themselves on the issues of the 21st century, conduct conversations with their family, friends, and co-workers, and then begin to assert an agenda for real change and reform of our economy and our government – local, state, and national.

  • We need to talk about why after so many years of hearing there was no money for health care, schools, new transit, you name it, just like that, overnight trillions were found for the banks and Wall Street.
  • We need to talk about what the Federal Reserve is and how without approval from the Congress they can give the banks over 2 trillion dollars we don’t have.
  • We need to talk about the power of large corporations. Do we want entities in our society that are too big to fail, that assert so much power that laws are written every day for their benefit?
  • We must reform our politics so that one dollar – one vote is replaced by one person – one vote.
  • We the people must regain control of our economy, our politics, and our government.

A New Way Forward has one common answer to all these questions. They all start with the American people educating ourselves, talking with each other, and beginning to participate in a new politics that doesn’t benefit large corporations, incumbent elected officials, or Wall Street. The only way this is going to be done is the American way, and that is each of us, every citizen, gets involved in rejecting our the system of the few and replacing it for the many so that once again the next generation can have a better future than the previous.

Our Demand: Real structural change of Wall Street: … (full very long text).

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