Human Rights Tools

A website providing human rights professionals with easy access to the best online resources.

Here 6 graphical illustrations:

1) by INA’s infographics, the International Networks Archive INA: Glass half empty: the coming water wars;

2) Darfur Drawn, pictures made by children in Darfur;

3) true Majority;

4) Survival International; and its Homepage:

5) Advancing Science Serving Society;

6) Global map of hunger.

The website is primarily aimed at human rights activists – persons monitoring the respect of human rights and advocating for positive change. Persons who are passionate about quality human rights work, have a thirst to continually deepen their knowledge, and are looking for a collection of top reference material.

After several years of searching the internet, we gradually discovered and assembled a collection of human rights tools and resources of amazing quality – and all of them were offered by their developers to other human rights workers. Taken together, these tools consitute a formidable resource, and a wonderful example of sharing and collaboration.

However one thing that was missing was a directory which made it easy to access this collection of wonderful tools. This is why we created an E-Library which had to have the following qualities:
- We take you straight to the very best tools, not only to a website’s homepage
- No forest of links, no obsolete pages, no dead links, only carefully selected and up-to-date stuff.
- Reviews to pinpoint the strong points and not-to-be-missed features of each tool.
- Very accessible for those with low-bandwidth internet.
- A clear, intuitive, user-oriented navigation system.
- Very simple for users to suggest links or request improvements

We try to organise existing information in ways which make it useful to the end-user, easy to access, well structured, easy to export. Do we fill the brief? How can we improve? Let us know by email. (Read all and more on ‘about us‘).

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