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NGO Forum on Cambodia’s Homepage in english; and Homepage in local language.

The NGO Forum has employed a full-time Representative since 1995. Since that time, the Representative and core staff have played an essential role in organising discussion and debate among member organisations, responding to requests for information, and representing NGOs’ perspectives on a range of development issues. The Representative (now termed “Executive Director”) represents the NGO Forum to government, donors and other bodies on the full range of NGO Forum’s concerns. As such, the Core Project is the most essential and permanent feature of the NGO Forum’s work. As the NGO Forum’s influence increased, it became necessary to create projects to better fulfil the demand for the NGO Forum’s services. Since 1998, the NGO Forum has created additional projects that look after particular sectors of the NGO Forum’s work. Thus the Core Project now provides administrative and management support to ensure effective functioning of the NGO Forum’s ten projects, each of which facilitates an NGO network on a thematic issue. Therefore, in addition to the Core Project’s representational role, the Core Project provides essential back up to the projects, without which the projects would be unable to function.

The NGO Forum is now seen as a primary point of contact between NGOs and government, aid agencies and development banks. It is expected to represent NGOs on a variety of development policy issues, and facilitate NGO participation in multi-sectoral development policy dialogue. Relations between NGOs and government in Cambodia are largely positive, but often subject to mutual suspicion and mistrust. The NGO Forum needs skilful and diplomatic representation to balance advocacy demands with the maintenance of respectful relations. The activities and concerns of the NGO Forum need to be publicised and better understood among government, aid agencies, and NGOs. The 2005 Program Evaluation found NGO Forum to be “a strong, healthy and vibrant organization”, but recommended that NGO Forum further build its internal management structures, systems and capacities in order to enhance organizational impact. Strong Cambodian leadership of the NGO Forum will be crucial for effective and credible representation.

Goal: The rights of poor and vulnerable groups in Cambodia are recognized and supported by the policies and practices of Cambodia’s government and donors, and by the wider community. (See all the rest on /Core).

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