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Established in 1922, DanChurchAid DCA is today one of the major Danish humanitarian non governmental organisations (NGO), working with local partners, international networks, churches and non-religious civil organisations to assist the poorest of the poor. DanChurchAid’s work abroad is focused on the poorest population groups in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central America, and Central Asia & Eastern Europe. Financed by private donations and funds DanChurchAid is an independent non-profit organisation whose activities are financed by private donations and funds from the Danish government (Danida), the UN, EU and other bilateral donors.

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DanChurchAid works with food security in Cambodia, December 16, 2005 – focussing on four intervention areas: Promotion of sustainable livelihood systems, nutrition, empowerment of the poor and advocacy on land rights … The Food Security Programme is central to DanChurchAid’s work. The livelihoods of rural poor people in Cambodia depend heavily on having access to, and use of, natural resources, especially land (mostly for growing rice), fisheries, (for fish, but also other aquatic resources) and forests (for a whole range of products) … Nutritious food and clean water
On an aggregate level, Cambodia’s farms produce enough rice to sustain the population, yet access to food is seasonal and not assured for everyone (especially the very poor). During the final 5 months before the rice harvest, families reportedly experience a “lean period,” and often households’ rice stocks dwindle to a point where they are forced to buy back rice that they had sold to the market after the previous harvest – a practice that many rural Cambodians view as the definition of poverty.

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