Center for Nonviolent Communication CNVC

Linked with Marshall B. Rosenberg – Switzerland & USA., and with Raising Children Compassionately.
The Center for Nonviolent Communication emerged out of work he was doing with civil rights activists in the early 1960s. During this period he provided mediation and communication skills training to communities working to desegregate schools and other public institutions. (Read much more on wikipedia).
Nonviolent Communication NVC helps us stay connected with what is alive in ourselves and others moment-to-moment, and enhances our ability to make life more wonderful for ourselves and others.

Vision: The Center for Nonviolent Communication CNVC is a global organization whose vision is a world where all people are getting their needs met and resolving their conflicts peacefully. In this vision, people are using Nonviolent Communication NVC to create and participate in networks of worldwide life-serving systems in economics, education, justice, healthcare, and peace-keeping.

Mission: Our mission is to contribute to this vision by facilitating the creation of life-serving systems within ourselves, interpersonally, and within organizations. We do this by living and teaching Nonviolent Communication.

Aim: CNVC’s aim is to provide ideas, experience, and support for the living of Nonviolent Communication in community. This is accomplished by providing Nonviolent Communication training, materials, organizational consulting, and projects that develop harmonious and effective relationships. (Read more on CNVC).


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