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Big Picture TV BPTV – an online media channel that streams free video clips of global leaders in sustainability. (To) browse a growing archive of internationally renowned names including scientists, environmentalists, politicians, journalists, academics and activists. BPTV is easy to watch. Simply select a speaker, choose a clip and press play (see how to watch tv). (The) video clips can only be watched with Microsoft’s Media Player (can be downloaded on their website).

They write about themselves: Big Picture TV (BPTV) is a free media channel based in London and San Francisco. We stream short talking heads of some of the most renowned pioneers in Sustainable Development and from the environmental, social justice and peace movements. By offering progressive leaders in these inter-related fields a fully independent web-based media platform, we aim to make the big picture a clearer one for the world’s online community. We would very much like to thank our sponsors Green & Black’s and Groovy Gecko, with particular thanks to Craig Moehl at Groovy Gecko for providing us with their excellent streaming services free of charge. We would also like to thank all the speakers who have so generously contributed to the archive. In addition, we want to thank Petica Watson and Simon Levermore for their much valued technical expertise and advice as consultants. Finally, we wish to thank the following people for their kind help and support: (Read the rest on ‘about‘).

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