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New Economics Foundation, The NEF is an independent think-and-do tank that aims to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues. (Big Picture) . … NEF Homepage;

Economics Overview;

NEF’s theoretical new economics programme‘ aims to build a framework for a new economics which promotes real well-being (rather than financial wealth), environmental sustainability and social justice;
Democs: (deliberative meeting of citizens) is part card game, part policy-making tool that enables small groups of people to engage with complex public policy issues. It helps people find out about a topic, express their views, seek common ground with the other participants, and state their preferred policy position from a given choice of four. They can also add their own policy positions.

THE REAL WORLD ECONOMIC OUTLOOK: NEF is launching the first in a new series of yearly reports provocatively shadowing the International Monetary Fund’s annual World Economic Outlook on September 1st.

The real world economic outlook is produced by Jubilee Research at nef, the team that launched the Jubilee 2000 campaign. With contributions from high profile leading thinkers like Joseph Stiglitz, Dani Rodrik and Herman Daly, the real world economic outlook sets out to integrate economic, environmental, and gender themes, to challenge dominant economic orthodoxy and to transform mainstream economic thinking. It examines the global economy from a radical perspective: that of economic and environmental justice. In stark contrast to the output institutions like the IMF, this book is both intellectually rigorous and accessible, informing and offering alternative analyses to a wide audience. The theme of the first annual real world economic outlook is “The legacy of globalisation: debt and deflation”. This book will cast a new light on global financial statistics and analyses that will stimulate debate across civil society and within the IMF and other financial institutions. (Read all on this page of NEF).

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