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Jubilee Research is part of the Global and National Economics (GNE) programme at nef (the New Economics Foundation, London). Nef is a radical “think-and-do” tank, founded in 1986 by the people who led the first Other Economic Summit – a fore-runner to the World Social Forum. It is based on the principles of new economics, and was voted Prospect Magazine’s UK Think Tank of the Year in 2002/3. Working on the UK and international economies and the environment, it seeks to promote well-being, rights and environmental sustainability, and to resolve tensions between these objectives. Its GNE team coordinates work on markets and climate change with Jubilee Research’s programme of international financial reform. Building on the work of the hugely successful Jubilee 2000 debt cancellation campaign,[1] Jubilee Research continues to provide up-to-date, accurate research, analyses, news and data on international debt.

More broadly, it works to establish an international financial system which fosters and supports the achievement of economic and social rights, including the eradication of poverty, in a framework of sustainability, equity and self-reliance. Many of the components of such a programme have already been largely developed, and have widespread support in civil society. They include criteria for sustainable levels of debt based on human development needs the Tobin tax and other forms of taxation at the global level alternative ways of preventing and resolving financial crises appropriate use of capital controls democratisation of international financial institutions improvements in the level and quality of aid reform of policy conditionality international insolvency mechanisms (see the Jubilee Framework – outlined in our report “Chapter 9/11? Resolving international debt crises – the Jubilee Framework for international insolvency). (Read the whole long article on Jubilee Research).

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Jubilee Research supports debt and economic justice campaigners worldwide and integrates ecological debts into negotiations around debt cancellation. (Read all on Jubileeplus.org).

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