The Club of Budapest International

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The Club of Budapest International is an independent organization of likeminded persons who wish to come together in the interest of working toward a better future for all. Its core objective – pursued together with its world-renowned international members and engaged creative and national members – is to create and implement holistic solutions to problems that face the entire human family in a participatory way that can be experienced and acquired. (Read more on this page).

See also ‘Deutsche Version‘. And see also their Newsletter.

The Mission of the Club of Budapest is to be a catalyst for the transformation to a sustainable world through
Promoting the emergence of planetary consciousness: Interconnecting generations and cultures, Integrating spirituality, science, and the arts, Fostering learning communities worldwide.

The philosophy of the Club of Budapest is based on the realization that the enormous challenges that humanity is currently facing can only be overcome through the development of a global cultural consciousness. The view of the Club of Budapest is focused on a cultural consciousness with a global perspective. Like Greenpeace fights for ecological issues, UNICEF for children, and Amnesty International for human rights, the Club of Budapest stands for global consciousness. Its mission is to be a catalyst for the transformation to a sustainable world. The Club perceives itself as a builder of bridges between science and art, ethics and economy, between cognition and realization, between old and young, as well as between the different cultures of the world. One of the prime objectives of the work of the club is the initiative “You Can Change the World”. (Read more about on this page).

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