Self-help Assistance Programm ASAP

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ASAP A Self-Help Assistance Program (ASAP Africa) is a non-profit charitable organization committed to working in partnership with rural communities in Zimbabwe, assisting people in their efforts to improve their own lives.

Since 1992, ASAP Africa has been committed to working in partnership with rural African communities, assisting people in their efforts to improve their own lives. By working together with communities that take the initiative to try to resolve problems and pool their limited resources, long-term, sustainable improvements are achieved. ASAP Africa’s philosophy is to focus on the enormous potential of what people can achieve by working together. The staff in Zimbabwe works to empower those living in their country by sharing their knowledge of how to break the cycle of poverty, strengthen local education, and improve nutrition and health.

ASAP Africa employs a unique approach to development work that results in changes that last long after project activities end. Though relief work is essential for survival in times of emergency, ASAP Africa’s development projects target sustainable improvements. ASAP Africa believes that those living within a community must be the ones to identify the priorities in the area, the possible solutions, and the steps necessary for change. While in international terms, all villagers may seem to be in the grips of absolute financial distress, poverty is relative. Thus, the communities may deem other issues more important. Communities themselves take ownership of projects while ASAP Africa assists with the required resources, mainly knowledge. The results, thousands of self-reliant individuals who have experienced profound improvements in their daily lives, speak for themselves. ASAP Africa is an internationally recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a U.S. 501(c) (3) organization registered as a PVO with USAID.


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